Texas BBQ pork


Texas BBQ pork meat dish originally come from Texas that have high level of savoriness

The word Texas BBQ pork is often associated with barbecued meat sauce drenched ith d. However, what's the story so well known and so popular barbeque until now? Texas BBQ pork, roasting and grilling are often called to process the meat. All three are very different, but often confused. In addition, the barbecue also has some interesting history worth knowing. Not an American name if not to make a record. Texas BBQ pork biggest record was derived from Texas with BBQ weight of 8,000 pounds, or about 3,600 kilograms. Uniquely, this giant BBQ is made not to show off, but to be sold. BBQ is finally sold at a price of USD 350,000. Among some barbecue dishes bids from several restaurant in the capital, Bluegrass Bar & Grill in attendance since last October to offer something different, namely the typical American BBQ. To accentuate his grill side, this restaurant was designed with detailed country-style wood and stone. Part bar still look modern, with stainless steel round ornaments.

Continue with grill option, Texas BBQ pork or Baby Back Ribs (pork ribs), a typical American. Cooked slow cooking to keep the meat moist, so ngelotok of bones. Served with BBQ sauce dressing concoction of chef who had long lived in the land of Uncle Sam. Cover with Lychee Bread Pudding made every day. The softness of the bread pudding was very indulgent tongue. Using a mix of savory croissants that lychee fruit. Presented together with vanilla ice cream. Texas BBQ pork is perfect for a summer barbecue, but of course you do not want to pull out the grill every time you want to present this delicious dish. By using technique "low n slow" typical Texas BBQ pork, softness delivers meat that has been smoked flavor to the menu Holy Smokes middle market. Texas BBQ menu Holy Smokes is Texas BBQ pork, Southern Style Beef Ribs, Texas Short Ribs, and Onion Straws.

Fried Chicken


Fried Chicken taste it and you will get adicted

Crispy fried chicken has got a lot of fans. A crunchy texture on the outside and the meat is tasty and juicy tongue lure people from different countries. This menu also keeps a long history until it was known to the entire world. Leather wrapped in flour and fried crisp characteristic of fried chicken. Fried chicken menu is already consumed many European citizens since the Middle Ages. That said, a Scottish immigrant who brought the recipe to American soil. There, the majority of European citizens settled in the American South and frequently eat processed chicken.

Over time, many Africans are employed in the United States as a cook. From there the end of this African immigrants adapt chicken recipe that brought immigrants from Scotland. But with a new twist that additional seasonings and other flavorings that are not found in the original menu of continental Europe. To make this fried chicken, which is used is a young broiler chickens were matched with hot temperatures. Chicken with older age and larger usually results in long cooking times because the texture harder.

Buttered Tost With Marmite

Buttered Tost with Marmite delicious dish for breakfast.

In England, the traditional smear is usually combined with a toast is cheese, nuts and marmite. Buttered Tost with Marmite is a bread spread made from yeast extract obtained from the brewery. Besides this dark brown, sticky textured and have a strong sense of fragrant and savory. British people usually use this as a combination of bread jam. A man from the city of North Shield, the British are very fond of Buttered Tost with Marmite toast with Marmite brand. Because of joy, He even changed his name from Saire May be Marmite on his birth certificate.

British traditional smear Buttered Tost with Marmite on toast thin layer of crispy, fried in the toaster, but also for the spices they add it to the various dish. They want to offer simple English Victorian recipe using Marmite. Buttered Tost with Marmite is a dark brown, almost black sticky substance with a bitter-salty taste this is so delicious. Buttered Tost with Marmite rich in protein, full of vitamins necessary for teeth, nails, hair and kulit.Dan it is not a mere statement! According to statistics, almost all British, who constantly using Marmite, spread on bread as caviar, never go to the dentist.

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